Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PSB/STS Challenge/Day 3

Totals 1,333
Your Daily Goal 1,789
Remaining 456

*You've earned 359 extra calories from exercise today

I did run 2 week 2 of 5k in 100 days.  I actually zoned out while running for a minute and realized I needed to start walking.  It was a great feeling to stop exercising and have that tingling feeling in my legs. This isn't going to be a very long post.  I just wanted to put up a quick post for the STS Challenge. We just got home from ball games and it's close to midnight so I'm heading to bed.  Nighty night....


  1. I'd do the opposite. I'd zone out and forget to job/run.

    I've given you an award HERE. If you don't do awards, that's ok. I just wanted you to know I love your blog.

  2. Nice work! That's a great deficit!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @Faith You're so sweet! Thank you so much for the award. I'll be sure to post it tomorrow.


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