Thursday, June 16, 2011

Horsing Around

I went out to the farm to see what hubby was doing, and he just happened to be out working with the horses.  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to grab the camera and introduce you to our babies...

This is Chance, he is Stinker's horse.  He's a real sweetheart and is always wanting some lovin.

We got Wyatt because some friends of ours didn't want him anymore.  He had a tendency of bucking them off.  My husband worked with him and he hasn't had a problem, which is why he's my husband's horse.

This pretty boy is Thunder.  He's my baby.  He's still a little green, but is such a sweetheart.  He absolutely loves Stinker and Bug, and will make a wonderful barrel horse one day. Isn't he pretty?

This is Snowflake.  She's a sweet little pony and is wonderful with the girls.  See the belly on her.  Hubby's checking for a bag to see if we'll be having a baby pony soon.  Not yet.

Here's a group picture. The two horses that weren't pictured above is Taz, which is the one below with the long mane. He has a tendency to bite off the other's horse's manes.  Stubborn boy.  Strawberry is the white horse in the back.  You can kind of see her back in the picture, she's shy and the boys can be mean to her.  She's Bug's horse.  Those are our babies, and I don't know what we would do without them.

Now on to my WW points for today.  I was really stressed today and it really showed in my eating.  I did not make healthy choices today, but I did stay in my point limit.  I know I need to add more fruits and veggies, and stay away from the fast food.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can do better.

PointsPlus™ Tracker entries
Thursday, June 16, 2011
2  item(s) Eggo Low-Fat Nutri-Grain Waffles

1  serving(s) fat free strawberry cream cheese

Sonic crispy chicken sandwich

Small french fry

1/4 pizza(s) Original Supreme Pizza, 12-inch

1  bar(s) Special K Protein Meal Replacement Bar Protein meal replacement bar - strawberry

Wasabi Peas

Food PointsPlus values total used41
Food PointsPlus values remaining0
No entries for activity.
Activity PointsPlus values earned0
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & vegetables
Healthy Oil


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Watching

I finally decided that I'm going to give Weight Watchers a try.  I've seen so many of you that have lost a lot of weight and a majority had done it by following Weight Watchers.  I'm doing really well on exercising, but the eating and keeping track of calories is where I seem to have my problems.  I sat down and talked with hubby and we were able to work it in our budget for me to go.  I'm really needing help as far as accountability on tracking food. I plan on taking advantage of the meetings and this blog, by posting what I'm eating and taking pictures.  I did show up at the meeting last night and stood in line to be weighed.  When I stepped on the scale I was shocked at the difference between their scale and my own scale.  I wish I could say that I weighed less, but No.  I'm seven pounds heavier on their scale.  I looked down and saw 274.4 flash on the screen.  I just about lost it right then and there.  I do realize that I was wearing my jeans and a t-shirt, it was evening and I had just ate supper before going to the meeting, but it was still hard to see.  So, as much as I hate to do this I plan on using that number as my weight from here on out.  I did weigh myself on my scale this morning and I was 267.8.  I suppose it all evens out in the end.

So, my official WW weight:  274.4 :(

I started my day off by grabbing the necessities.  My new pink cup is frozen and ready for some ice cold water. Yum! :)

I didn't plan very well for today.  I'm not really stocked up with fruits and veggies, but I decided that I would go ahead and make a breakfast burrito.  This was a 9 point burrito.  Ouch...good thing I get 41 points in one day. 

Lunch is a rush meal and I'm going to try to get away from the frozen processed food, but for now that's really all I have.  This is a pretzel crust, chicken honey mustard lean pocket. I knew I needed some vegetables so I got two of the Green Giant brocolli in cheese sauce and added it my plate.  Sadly, this is the only veggie I got today, and I didn't get any fruit.  Something I will need to work on. Notice my water cup next to the plate?  It's filled with diet Mt. Dew. **hanging head down in shame**

I got home from school and I was in the mood for something sweet.  I wanted CHOCOLATE!  I thought I have 41 points for the day, I'll just make my almond butter chocolate Shakeology.  It's so yummy!  It's the chocolate Shakeology (protein drink), 2Tbsp almond butter, 1 cup almond milk and 1Tbsp honey.  Yummo!  I drank it and then went and figured up the points.  Oops...12 points.

Bug had a ballgame tonight so I decided I would just have another breakfast burrito, but eliminate the bacon and only use one egg.  Those changes made it only six points instead of nine. I drank one of my pink cups of water, which was 32 oz and then when we went to the ball game I had 2-16oz bottles of water and a couple cups of popcorn.  I came home and I used exactly 41 points today.  I couldn't have planned that any better.  I've learned my lesson with the protein shake. I won't be doing that again.  Here's today's menu and points. I didn't get my run in today, but I hope to get it done tomorrow.

While I was at the ball game I was talking with a friend of mine,  she was the one that encouraged me to go to nursing school.  She's doing the WW online.  She was going to see about adding the monthly meetings to her membership and then we can carpool.  That will be nice to have someone close to do this with.

Guess what?!  I started another challenge today.  It's through Burst into Summer.  We're broken down into teams and we encourage each other to lose the weight.  I think I read that the winners will get a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes.  It makes me even more determined to get the weight off, because I have others depending on me to pull my weight (no pun intended)

I think I've covered pretty much everything.  I do plan on being here daily posting food pics, point menus and updates.  Before I go, I just wanted to thank all of you that are visiting me and encouraging me along the way.  It really does mean a lot, even if it's just a're doing great. It's nice to see that people care that much to take time out of their day to visit me. I hope you all have a great day and many happy losses.

Monday, June 13, 2011

STS / PSB Challenge ~ Week 1


This is the beginning of a new week for Slimmer this Summer and Plus Size Bloggers. I just wanted to do a quick Monday update on last weeks progress.

The goals that I set for myself last week:

1.  Track food.  I plan on tracking every single morsel that enters my mouth.  Even if it is a single piece of gum, or a bite off of stinkers plate.  The challenge prefers keeping calories below 10,000 calories a week, that will be my plan.  If I decide to do weight watchers I will stay within my points every day.

I did really well with tracking my food Monday - Friday but I slacked off over the weekend, and I know I need to work on that. 

2.  Water.  It is said that you should have half your body weight in water.  That's a whole lot of stinkin water for someone my size.  I'm going to shoot for 120 ounces of water.

This is one goal that is really difficult for me.  I would do really well one day and totally slack off another day.  I bought a cup at WalMart, it has the gel inside that freezes to keep your drink cool and is really pretty.  I'm hoping that will make it more enticing to drink the water.  I'm thinking my goal of 120 oz is shooting too high for me right now.  I will be happy with just the daily recommended amount of 64 oz, which is two pretty pink cup fulls.

3. Weigh In.  My goal is to lose 10% of my weight in the next 12 weeks, which is 27 pounds. I will weigh in every Monday and post my loss on my blog.  If I start Weight Watchers, weigh in day is on Wednesdays. I may post a special weigh in on Mondays for this challenge.

I'm slowly on my weigh (hehe) with this goal.  I lost 3.6 pounds this week.  I have to admit I was hoping for more, but I realize the water drinking wasn't the best and I'm building muscle from my runs so that may show on the scale.  See, I can be optimistic. :)  Here is my scale shot from this morning.

4. Exercise. I will continue to do 5K in 100 days, which is basically 45 minutes cardio 3x a week. My goal is to run a 5k when this challenge is complete.  I need to schedule a run so that I have a race to prepare for.

I'm doing great on my runs with Brad Gansbergs, 5K in 100 days.  I completed week 2 run 3 Saturday.  Check out my post Reflections. I received in the mail my Mytrak.  I've charged it up and plan on wearing it all this week.  I am supposed to keep the round circle in the green.  They say the first week it is learning how active you are, and then it will be tougher to keep in the green. I'll know more about it in next week's post.


5. Document.  I will be here everyday blogging my success, setbacks and menus.  I know that the most important element is accountability. I'm looking forward to following along with my fellow participants and cheering them on as well.

I had a hard time last week keeping up with all of the blogs, but I did my best to check out at least two blogs a day.  This week I've already went and checked out everyone's blog who has linked up to the challenge, and I think I subscribed to most of you.  I'm really excited to read about the success that this challenge has brought in just one week and look forward to many weeks of success.  Thank you to everyone who is stopping by and encouraging me along the way.  I really look forward to all of the comments.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week and many healthy losses.


Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and you just want to pull out your hair? Saturday was one of those days for me. My house was a mess, the girls were fighting and I've been trying to study for the State boards. I just needed to get away. I told hubby I was going out for my run, and as soon as I walked outside this cool breeze hit my face. The weather was absolutely perfect.

I went down to the corner West of our house, this road is perfect for this fat girl running. It's flat, quiet and not well-traveled, which means no one will see my butt waddling down the road.

The 5k in 100 days is 21 minutes of walking/jogging intervals. It's really hard to enjoy the scenery around you when your panting and dying.  I'm normally running on my treadmill and am not used to jogging outside.  When the timer goes off for me to run I start off strong, and the last few seconds I'm shuffling.  It's as if there are concrete slabs strapped to my legs.

When the intervals are finally done it's the cool down.  This is Heaven on Earth!  It's a time for reflection and meditation.  I just completed a run that I never ever thought was possible. I feel my legs tingling from doing an awesome workout, and I feel like I can accomplish anything.  I look around me and see the green pastures and wild roses growing on the side of the road. I take in all of the beauty that surrounds me.

Suddenly the stress that was just so overwhelming at the start of my day has completely vanished. A lot of things came to the surface during my walk.  I've been feeling sorry for myself for awhile.  We had a ball game the night before and I just felt out of place with the other moms and dads, it's as if I don't belong.  I know I brought it all on myself.  I tend to push people away, because of my own insecurities.  I read a post on Twitter the other day that said, "The minute you start caring about what other people think, is the minute you stop being yourself." I honestly think that is what I have been doing since I moved up here.  I've lost who I am. 

This run made me realize that I belong here and that I am worthy.  I changed the title of my blog to Kristy Gets Fit...My Personal Discovery of Self-Worth. I've been putting my self down for so long and I've been medicating with food. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself.  God has made this beautiful planet for us to LIVE.  Not walk around with blinders on missing out on all of the beauty and only focusing on the negative. I deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else.

Why do I push everyone away? Is it because I feel like I don't deserve to be happy? Why do I hate myself so much?  These were the thoughts that were bombarding me during my walk.

I realize that I have a long ways to go, but I'm slowly learning to like myself again.  Hopefully soon I can learn to love myself and feel that I am worthy.  As I walked up to the house the girls were outside playing with the dogs, and the front room was completely picked up. I have a wonderful family who loves me very much and it's time for me to realize just how lucky I am.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Adorable Blog Award!

Thank you Faith @ for passing this award to me.  You're so sweet!

The Rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
Tell us 10 things about yourself.
Nominate other bloggers and let them know about the award

1. I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas.

2. I worked for the Wichita Police Department for four years before transferring to the legal department.

3. I had a miscarriage before the birth of my second daughter.

4. My favorite character of all times is the Tazmanian Devil. (I named one of the horses...I bet you can't guess which one :)

5. I am licensed as a certified clinical dialysis technician.

6. I know every Billy Joel song by heart.  I loved him growing up.

7. We live on 250 acres of land.

8. We have 5 horses (Thunder, Taz, Wyatt, Snowflake, Strawberry) Snowflake is about to have a baby. We also have several cattle, sheep and 2 dogs. (Maverick - border collie & Ginger - lab mix)

9. I used to own my own business making soy candles.

10. I was a "D" student in high school and now I'm holding a 4.0 g.p.a in nursing school. (I guess I didn't apply myself in high school, or I was having too much fun.)

Who am I passing this on to?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

STS Challenge ~ Day 4

Total calories: 1206
Your Daily Goal: 1420
Remaining: 224

I'm happy with my eating today.  I noticed yesterday that I didn't have any veggies or fruits, so today I worked on adding some in.  I also noticed that I eat a lot of processed food.  One step at a time.  Tracking food is a real eye opener.  I'm still working on drinking the water.  I was able to force down 60 oz today, not good when your goal is 120 oz.

I'm excited to report that the Mytrak that I won arrived in the mail today.  Woohoo! I can't wait to start using it.  The challenge is still going on if you want to try to win one of your own.  Go check out: 

Well, It's another late night and I have to get up early in the morning.  So much for getting in my seven hours of sleep.  Good night all!

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