Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plan: Project Kristy

Well, it's happened...I turned 40! I was hoping that by the time I turned 40 I would be at my goal weight, living and loving life.  Instead, I've gained back the weight that I lost and am again back at 270 pounds.  I love reading blogs of people that put themselves first and reach their goals, and I would love to be one of those people. I want to be a runner one day and a role model to my girls. I'm setting up a challenge for myself.  To document each day on my blog good or bad.  I will be pouring out my heart on this blog and I will post every day....regardless!  I joined WW online and am doing Xyngular.

Here is my plan.....

Monday (Menu Plan Monday):  I will be posting my meal plan with WW points.

Tuesday (Tasty Tuesday): I will be sharing a new Weight Watcher recipe I will be trying that week. Check out my Recipe page to check out all of the recipes.

Wednesday (Weigh-in Wednesday): I will be weighing in each week.  Check out my progress page to follow my weight loss.

Daily: I will be posting about my day. I will be sharing my successes, challenges and my daily WW menu.

I started a Twitter page awhile ago and am not really familiar with Twittering but I'm willing to learn.  I also started a Facebook page.  I hope to have supporters to follow along and we can support each other on losing weight and getting into the best shape of our life.

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