Monday, May 23, 2011

My Goals

Fitness Goals:

Weight loss goals:

Complete the Sparkpeople 5k running program

Have my foot properly measured and buy running shoes

Lose 17 pounds (253)

Run my first 5K

Purchase an Ipod w/Nike + Gps App

Lose 40 pounds (213)

Run my first 10K

Purchase a BodyBugg

Lose 27 pounds (186)

Complete a 1/2 marathon training program

Purchase a new running outfit

Lose 8 pounds (164)

Complete a 1/2 marathon

The Tuscan….Refresh Spa Day

Lose 9 pounds (155)


Complete a marathon training program

Purchase a Water Belt

Lose 5 pounds (150)

Complete a marathon 

Trip to Disney World



As you can probably tell I'm wanting to start running.  A good friend of mine has done several 5K's and a few 10K's and talks about the runner high that she gets, and the feeling of accomplishment.  I never thought of myself as a runner, but when you have spent much of your adult life over 200 pounds it doesn't seem possible.  I'm ready to meet my goals and am excited to one day run the full marathon at Disney World!

I've set up the table above showing the fitness goals that I'm wanting to achieve, in order to get the reward I must also meet the weight loss goal.  I plan on setting aside $40.00 a month to pay for my rewards.  This would be how much I would have to pay if I was paying for Weight Watcher meetings.  I'm unable to attend the meetings, because it doesn't work out with my schedule and I live 50 miles away from any meeting place. I plan on following the weight watcher "old" program at home, and I have all of the material to get started. I also plan on rewarding myself for every 10 pounds lost, these rewards will not cost any money, but will be a way of pampering myself.  I will post these rewards on my home page. I know that motivation is very important to lose this much weight, and I'm willing to do whatever I can to stay motivated and work towards a goal. I'm ready to get started and will be weighing in on Wednesday, after my Doctor's appointment.  I Can't wait!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I love your goals and the chart. I can't wait to see the dates in the "ACHIEVED" spots!!!

  2. Hi Kristy, I'm your newest follower. Looks like you are new too. Best of luck for the both of us.

  3. Lisa ~ Thank you. I've printed out the chart and it's hanging on my fridge and my bathroom mirror. I'm looking forward to filling in those achieved dates.

    Kiki ~ Thanks for visiting. Good luck to you!

  4. What a great way to lay things out:)

  5. Thanks Waisting Time. Love your name :)


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