Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Xyngular ~ Day 1

This morning I woke up exhausted!! I am now working night shift at the hospital and my body is having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule.  I'm finding on my days off that I spend my time up all night and taking naps during the day.  This is really not the way I want to live my life. I was talking with some gals at work and they told me it took time for them to adjust, but they are able to live a normal life now on their days off.  Fingers crossed that it will happen really soon.

I started the Xyngular challenge this morning and they claim that this will help with, not only weight loss, but with energy.

I woke up early to take my girls to Vacation Bible School and then came back home to start the Xyngular regime.  I stepped on the scale this morning and the dreaded numbers 262.4 stared back at me.  I also had my daughter take some dreaded before pictures.

I have a long ways to go, but I need something to give me that kick start to finally get to goal. 

Here's a little recap of my day:
Xyng Capsule (This is for energy and appetite control)
1 oz global juice ( antioxidants) I had a glass of water near by just in case it tasted nasty.  It was actually pretty good.  I also took the Axion multivitamin.

After coming back from taking the girls to VBS I made my protein shake, which I mixed with 8oz unsweetened almond milk.

The mid-morning snack called for 4-6 oz of protein.  I didn't prepare very well today and decided to cook up 2 eggs and then I took a wedge of the laughing cow light herb and garlic cheese wedge between the eggs and ate it like a sandwich.  It was really good and I was hungry.

Lunch was another protein shake with almond milk, but this time I added a few drops of vanilla creme stevia...much better.

I'm still waiting for the energy to kick in, but I wasn't feeling it.  I realize I didn't get any sleep last night so I decided to go lay down and take a nap.  I slept until about 4:00 p.m., hence my pattern of sleeping during the day and up all night.  ugh!!

When I woke up I called my sister and told her that the Xyng isn't working and I wanted my money back.  She told me that I need to give it some time and that I can't blame xyng for not getting any sleep last night, which she is right.  I went ahead and took 2 accelerate capsules, which is also to help with energy and metabolism.  I've felt pretty "blah" today and I guess I was hoping for that miracle of feeling on top of the world.  As my sister told me that the first three days are the toughest because you're going through detox and that the energy and the mood lifts will kick in.  She also said that if one xyng doesn't work I can take another one around 2:00 pm.  I know a couple of her friends have to take 2 because 1 just doesn't do it for them. 

Now it's time to do another protein snack.  I took some shredded turkey and wrapped it around some string cheese and then nuked it for a few seconds and it was so good.  I do have to admit that my hunger isn't too bad, and I'm not hanging out in the kitchen dreaming of eating everything in site.  I ended the day with another protein shake with almond milk, but I wanted something different so I added some unsweetened cocoa and vanilla creme stevia.  

I just got done taking two flush capsules with some hot cocoa, which is supposed to clean out the gut.  I suppose that now that it's 1:00 in the morning I probably should go to bed and see if I can get back on a schedule before I return back to work on Thursday night.   All in all I had a pretty good day as far as not being hungry and drinking over 100 oz of water.  The energy is still not there and I'm feeling a headache coming on, but I will give it a few days and see how I feel by Thursday.  I'm off to bed and hoping that I can get some sleep and I'm not up all night in the bathroom from all of that water I drank today.  Good night and I'll be back tomorrow with another update.

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